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TU/e Campus - Technical University Eindhoven Eindhoven, NB, 5612 AZ Netherlands

Embracing multiperspectivity

What can we learn from artists in our daily struggle when collaborating with others? How do artists use their senses, give meaning to emotions & feelings and collaborate with their material and others? What does this say about our own way of communicating and collaborating? How do we create an open space where other ways of knowledge can arise? In this workshop we dig into the world of collaboration while stepping into the artists mindset.

The workshop aims to connect to the self, the other and the world around us by means of art. By stepping out of your role as scientist, new options for collaborations are explored and alternative sources are opened for original ideas, originating from ‘foolish’ questions, alternative forms of research (art-based learning), speculative approaches, imagination and emotions. Handles will be provided to embrace the polyphony of visions and voices. The Centre for Unusual Collaboration (CUCo) invites you to join this workshop. CUCo aims to foster unusual collaborations based on its vision that next big innovations for societal impact are to be found through unusual collaborations in research. Are you interested? Then join us! This is your chance to explore the artists’ mindset.

Playful learning

The approach taken in the workshop is through playful learning. We will diverge and explore, step out of the comfort zone and engage in different ways. We will introduce you to three types of art-disciplines (visual arts, music improvisation, body improvisation) and explore the emerging space for interaction.

Mythical creature

This will be done by together unravel the story and background of a mythical creature, its strengths and tragedy and using the three art-disciplines to further elaborate on its meaning and power. We work with the premise that we are all layman and expert and hence the equivalence in collaboration. Ownership and how we connect to others are being explored while bringing our personal background and values.

About our workshop leaders

Hannie van den Bergh / Studio HB: visual artist, award winning filmmaker and designer, with over twenty-five years of making science accessible to a wide audience. She has been involved in various international projects to develop new forms of visual communication and to conduct pilots to discuss the societal impact of emerging technologies: NanoBazaar, NanoTubes, Nano games and co-creation workshop. She uses artistic techniques such as interventions, storytelling, future scenarios, co-creation and design thinking.

Louise Wipfler: Researcher and project leader at Wageningen Environmental Research. Louise is a passionate scientist convinced that solving societal and daily life struggles can only be done by creating open spaces for engagement and creativity.

Stefan Jansen: I connect people interactively with music for better collaboration. I am an inspired musician working as a professional drummer and music teacher. I have experiences as a percussionist, a band coach and a workshop leader.

Hanke Sjamsoedin: Dance teacher and author. Although I also love the written and spoken word, in my workshops I like to introduce people to the expressiveness of another language: movement and dance as (theatrical) means of expression. Keywords are exploration, fun and connection. As a freelancer I have worked in the past 18 years for many different organizations (including the National Ballet, Amsterdam School of the Arts, Youth Theater School Zuidoost) and with all possible target groups.