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Exploring digital health monitoring with a complex systems approach

Image credit: generated with DALL-E

A complex system is different from the mere sum of its parts, and is an  increasingly popular concept when studying phenomena in modern health research. But what does considering complexity add beyond buzzwords and blue-sky thinking? And does this concept mean the same thing when applied by different disciplines?

This project will help answer these questions. Researchers from different disciplines – physics, demography, marketing and sociology – will attempt to reach a common understanding of  what complex systems approaches can bring to health research.

To do so, we reflexively apply a complex systems lens to a case study, digital health monitoring with smart technology. This involves a host  of different factors – technology, human behavior, medicine, data – that interact and can produce results greater than the sums of their parts. We will examine how such a lens can enrich the implementation of these technologies whilst learning more about how complex systems concepts travel across disciplinary boundaries.

Research team: Peter Dung (TU/e), Callum Gunn (UMCU), Anouk de Regt (UU), Kristina Thompson (WUR).

Contact team: kristina.thompson [at] wur.nl.