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Process coaches

Process coaches
Available to teams that seek support in the collaborative process whilst in the Spark or UCo grant.

Flatland Agency

Some Spark and UCo teams are supported by Flatland in the collaborative process. This is experienced very positively. Visualisation appears to these teams a useful mechanism to highlight language confusion and differences in perspectives. As well as to communicate research results.

Visualize your organization’s future. Drawing a better world together!
A shared image makes the future imaginable, provides an overview and makes it easier to take concrete steps together.
Design your strategy. Activate change. Accelerate Innovation.”

Neža Krek

I deeply believe that collaborations thrive best when people involved are in genuine contact with themselves, the people around them, and the larger context their project is part of. Whenever working with teams, I do my best to create opportunities for deep conversations that spark this kind of connection. 
What’s the point of doing anything if it’s not fun? I like to bring playful techniques to get people’s creative juices flowing. Engaging our heads, hearts, and hands. 
Building a bridge between research and reality is on a high-priority list. Working together will result in intentionally crafted actions to bring your collaborations forward. 
Neža through numbers: 
1 big (professional) love: facilitation of group processes, 1 business, 1 podcast, 2 homelands, 3 books coauthored, 3 boys birthed, 7 languages spoken, 2800 people facilitated in 10+years as a facilitator and a learning designer, endless fun through what she does.

Rick Steggerda

It is an honour and a pleasure to introduce myself as a coach affiliated with the Centre for Unusual Collaborations. My entire professional life is marked by unusual collaborations. As a playwright and storyteller I am involved with the National Police. As a coach I draw upon art and theatre as windows for a different view. I see the classes that I teach at the University of Arts as a field of study in themselves.
At the heart of all my work is growth by doing, through questioning and reflection. When I work with you, we will be curious together about what interdisciplinary research has to offer in general, and for you as a group. We will address collective and individual questions of learning. Through play, writing and reflection we will develop thoughtful perspectives for action. With care and dare I will guide you and your process.
Rick Steggerda (1977) writes for theatre and radio. He has a masters degree in Humans and Organizational Behaviour, teaches Storytelling at ArtEZ, coaches on a bike and works at the National Police. Loves to tell you about his biketrip to Rome.

Guus Wink

Hi, I’m Guus, I design and facilitate learning experiences for students and (educational) professionals. I studied at Kaospilots in The Netherlands, and I am part of a network of educational professionals who are involved with innovating education and transformative learning. I am fascinated by how the world works and what drives people. I have a lot of curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial energy. 
My projects are connected in that they invite people to develop their mindset. I help people to broaden their horizon, genuinely connect with themselves and with others and learn by doing. I enjoy linking ideas and people and creating connections for sustainable development. I do this by designing clear frames and a context for relation building, dialogue, co-creation and reflection.