Imagining More-than-Human Communities

Imagining More-than-Human Communities

What is this project about?

Imagine a community of humans and nonhumans. Who would it include? Animals? Robots? What are they doing? Working? Or playing? And who decides?

 This project explores ways of imagining a more equitable community of humans and nonhumans and how to make it a reality in our everyday lives. We believe that play and playfulness are key means of fostering interspecies communication and understanding. Combining humanities, engineering, and medical expertise in theories and practices of playful interaction with nonhumans our team will develop an interactive “playshop” format to develop awareness and ideas for how we can imagine and experience more-than-human communities.

Working on this project are:

Kári Driscoll, Irene Kuling, Bernice Bovenkerk, Clemens Driessen, Kathrin Thiele and Heidi Lesscher.

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If you want to know more about this project or come into contact with the researchers working on this, you can e-mail Kári Driscoll or Irene Kuling. Interested in who is working on this project? You can find all CUCo fellows on our fellow page.

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