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Preservation of Female Reproductive Health

Image credit: courtesy of team

Preservation of female fertility is a complex societal challenge. Emerging techniques for oocyte and ovarian tissue preservation offer potential benefits not only for human reproductive health but also for biodiversity conservation. Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in assisted reproduction, molecular and cryobiology, bioengineering, ethics, and public perception. This unique collaboration integrates technical proficiency with ethical contemplation, while also incorporating principles of human-animal interaction for a comprehensive approach.

Our goal is to bridge existing knowledge gaps and establish a network connecting diverse disciplines involved in fertility preservation. Recognizing female fertility preservation as a complex ecosystem, we adopt a holistic approach to address its various dimensions. Through collaborative efforts, we aspire to advance responsible research innovation in female fertility preservation, guided by principles of inclusivity, transparency, and ethical integrity.

Team members: Marta de Ruijter-Villani (UU), Julie Lamy (WUR), Annemieke Rattink (WUR), Karin Jongsma (UMCU), Marieke Hollestelle (UMCU), Franck Meijboom (UU), Alessia Longoni (UMCU), Riccardo Levato (UMCU), Efrat Gommeh (independent), Hellen Dawo (UU).

Contact team: m.villani@uu.nl.

Foto of the team at the second Spark brainstorming meeting in May 2024