Better Wave than Worry

Better Waive than Worry

An exploration of tools, strategies and cultures of early detection across various contexts

What is this project about?

There are parallels to be drawn between the early signals for disease development, virus spreading, and extreme weather occurrence. It is the mission of Better Wave than Worry to identify the shared characteristics of such signals, and to assess their impact in a wider context, i.e. beyond our respective domains. With 100+ years of collective research experience in early signaling – spanning plant science to governance – we acknowledge the challenge of disparate contexts hindering effective signal utilization. Better Wave than Worry aims to foster mutual learning, signal comparison, and proactive action through a Community of Practice. University field trips, hackathon-like meetings, and online documentation contribute to a cross-discipline learning journey, culminating in a position paper for shared knowledge and commitment. Better Wave than Worry offers an inclusive approach to navigating disruptive events and societal impacts.

Research team:

Terry Vrijenhoek (UMCU), Nina van der Wilt (UMCU), Mark Sterken (WUR), Bregje van der Bolt (WUR), Gerbrand Koren (UU), Ripalta Stabile (TU/e), Frank van Steenbeek (UU), Kiki Streng (WUR), Michelle Habets (WUR), Isabelle Pirson (LUMC)

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If you want to know more about this project or come into contact with the researchers working on this, you can e-mail Dr. Terry Vrijenhoek.

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