Plasticity: Here, there, everywhere

Plasticity: Here, there, everywhere

What is this project about?

Plasticity as a concept that is used in multiple academic fields ranging from neurobiology through history to continental philosophy. Can this concept, which resonates with resilience, identity and time, can contribute to other scholarly fields that currently do not use it? Should the academic community strive to expand its usage? 

We plan to contribute to the discussion through three different deliveries we hope to create – (i) publicizing a white paper and editing a book, (ii) developing a course for the students of the alliance universities, and (iii) collaborating with other researchers on the (inter)national level.

The Plasticity team recently received a UCo grant for 2024 to continue their unusual teamwork!

Working on this project are:

Onur Basak, Loai Onur Basak, Loai Abdelmoshen, Yaron Caspi, Jeff Diamanti, Tamalone van den Eijnden, Esmee Geerken and Abby Waysdorf.

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If you want to know more about this project or come into contact with the researchers working on this, you can e-mail Dr. Onur Basak. Interested in who is working on this project? You can find all CUCo fellows on our fellow page.

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