Smart Food

What is this project about?

Smart Food aims to develop novel edible smart origami for programmed drug/nutrient release and treatment of the gastrointestinal system and consequently improve the lives of patients suffering from intestinal diseases, malnutrition/obesity. The project combines advanced methodologies such as 3/4D food printing, soft robotics, and drug delivery to make smart systems that can be actuated inside the body to release a drug/nutrient when triggered by a stimulus at the site of action.

We bring together expertise from different fields of science, including physics, food and nutrition, pharmaceutics, additive manufacturing, gastroenterology, consumer behaviour and economy, in order to address societal challenges concerning health and nutrition.

The Smart Food team recently received a UCo grant for 2024 to continue their unusual teamwork!

Read more about the project in an in-depth interview with Mehdi Habibi.

Research team:

Mehdi Habibi (WUR), Guido Camps (WUR), Tina Vermonden (UU), Riccardo Levato (UU), Caroline Lindemans (UMCU), Betina Piqueras Fiszman (WUR), Yann De Mey (WUR)

Watch the results of the Origami project

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If you want to know more about this project or come into contact with the researchers working on this, you can e-mail Dr. Mehdi Habibi.

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