Structures of Strength

Structures of Strength (SoS): Unusual Collaborations on Porous Materials; a solution for health, food, and environmental changes

“In SoS, we create a platform where a team of researchers from diverse fields such as biology, medicine, culture, history, engineering and mathematics learn from each other and work together in order to combine their knowledge and create veritable solutions related to health, food, energy, cultural and environmental issues.”

Our disciplines working in parallel universes.

Porous materials are divided into biological, food, engineering, medical, art and history applications and are currently studied separately at different faculties.

Working on this project are:

Amir Raoof (UU), Maja Rücker (TU/e), Yvonne Vercoulen (UMCU), Riccardo Levato (UMCU), Karin Gerritsen (UMCU), Fernanda Paganelli (UMCU), Hossein Eslami Amirabadi (TU/e), Payam Poorsolhjouy (TU/e), Pariya Behrouzi (WUR), Darrell Tang (WUR), Coen Govers (WUR), Marjolijn Bol (UU), Silvia Mihaila (UU), Karin Strijbis (UU), Daphne Stapels (UU), Maitrayee Chatterjee (UU), Julian Quodback (UU), Matteo Gazzani (UU), Hamed Aslannejad (UU), Florian Meirer (UU)

What is this project about?

Structures of Strength (SoS) is a pioneering initiative that embodies interdisciplinary collaboration across diverse fields such as health, energy, food, and environmental science. This platform is centered around the use of porous materials in various applications, ranging from industrial processes to medical devices and cultural artifacts.

The SoS team, comprising over 30 researchers from 15 disciplines, focuses on exchanging knowledge and joint problem-solving for complex societal challenges. By leveraging the unique properties of porous materials, SoS seeks to uncover universal strategies for their characterization, design, and sustainable application, thereby fostering a shared understanding and innovative solutions across different research sectors. 

The Structures of Strength team recently received a UCo grant for 2024 to continue their unusual teamwork!

Read more about the project on their own website:

Connecting parallel universes using porous materials as a common language.

Taking a close look reveals the similar principles in the study of porous materials.

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