Current Spark projects

Dismantling Disparities

This project aims to understand whether there are inequalities in academic success and if so, whether unusual collaborations can tackle these inequalities.

Complexity and digital health monitoring

A complex system is different from the mere sum of its parts. But what does considering complexity add beyond buzzwords and blue-sky thinking?

Preservation of Female Reproductive Health

Preservation of female fertility is a complex societal challenge. This project aspires to advance responsible research innovation.

Rethinking Impact

In contemporary academia, the notion of “impact” has become ubiquitous. This project seeks to foster a critical reflection on impact assessment within academia. 

Previously funded Spark Projects

FAIR-Battery Challenge

This project aims to create a FAIR-Battery (FAIR = Findable + Accessible + Interoperable + Reproducible).

My Choice Matters

Join the mission to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and communicate research findings for a better tomorrow.


Unpacking and cocreating collaborative research processes for shared learning, purpose and impact.

All in the Same Boat

Addressing water-related challenges and driving solutions for clean water for nature and society.

Better Wa(i)ve than Worry

An exploration of tools, strategies and cultures of early detection across various contexts.

Imagining More-than-Human Communities

Exploring ways of imagining a more equitable community of humans and nonhumans and how to make it a reality in our everyday lives.

Smart Origami

Investigating the potential of origami as a non-invasive method for treatment and programmed local drug/nutrient delivery.

Unusual Perspectives on Dynamic Networks

Learning about concepts and methods for conceptualising and studying Dynamic Networks from various scales and  perspectives.

The Ultimate Plasticity

With the future impact of humankind on the environment, new approaches for understanding fundamental plasticity mechanisms are needed.

Game your way through

Designing a library of game mechanics that can support diverse teams in navigating emerging tensions and creating novel collaborations for societal transformation. 

Tackling Future Workforce Challenges

Many of the contemporary challenges to work do not exist independently, but are entwined in complex ways that require multi-disciplinary engagement.