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Researchers from across CUCo’s teams gathered in the city centre of Utrecht for the first CUCo Community Day on June 4. The “Octopus Garden of Great Ideas” showcased a diverse range of interdisciplinary projects, each sharing unique insights, best practices and more. This day allowed us to explore and celebrate the work happening within our community.

During the interactive labs a couple of teams tested and presented their ideas fostering engagement and collaboration:

◾ The Better Wave than Worry team tested an upcoming training for external organizations focused on recognizing and owning early (warning) signals;
◾ The Unbox team discovered an innovative ‘process black box’ prototype, designed to systematize and translate collaborative research processes into an accessible format for researchers;
◾ The Imagining More-Than-Human Communities team challenged anthropocentric views by trying out a sensory puzzle designed to push the boundaries of human-centered thinking;
Sanli Faez, member of the Fair Battery team hosted a session on “Interdisciplinary Impact: Cathedral or Sandcastle?” about forming impactful inter- and trans-disciplinary teams and to identify reporting pitfalls;
◾ The Playing with the Trouble team explored co-designed card decks and playful materials to foster transdisciplinary collaborations and transform participant experiences!